Indo Israel Avocado Vlog #5

Indo Israel Avocado Vlog #5 Avocado Pilot Project Bhopal Update

Indo Israel Avocado Vlog #5

In this video I discuss where I am at, currently with my pilot project of Avocado farming in Bhopal.

I mention about my free ebook, 7 Big Things to Consider Before Cultivating Avocados.

Second, I update my audience about my application for the import permit. As suggested in the Video, I have applied for the permit. I hope my documentation is complete and they process it in June. If the application is not considered in June, then the plants will get too big for import. It won’t be possible to import my plants after June.

I also talk about construction of the plastic pond to irrigate my orchard and nursery. I then go on to show you the plastic pond at the site itself.

I end with mentioning that the plants of this consignment are not for sale. Plants for the next consignment will be for sale. I will place the next order in August or September. When the plants are delivered to me in India, I will grow them for at least 10-11 months in Bhopal and then you can get your plants transported to your farm after monsoon season next year.

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Harshit Godha