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Why Avocados?

It all started when I was studying in the UK. Like any other university fresher, I was driven to get in shape and lose some fat. I joined the gym and started paying attention to what I eat. That led me to search youtube for healthy and nutritious recipes. It was then that I discovered that most of these American you-tubers were using this new hip fruit, Avocado, in their salads and protein shakes. 

On researching more about it, I found out about its health benefits. Apparently, it helps in regulating hormones and deceasing bad cholesterol due to its high monounsaturated fat content.

because a blog post without a picture won’t get your attention now, would it? 😉

Naturally, I started using it in regularly in my diet. But when I used to come back to India for holidays, not only was it hard to find avocados in Bhopal, but when I did find it, it was quite expensive and didn’t feel or taste the same as the ones I found in British super markets.

This thought suggested to me, an untapped business opportunity. 

“Here is a fruit, that’s trendy, massively popular on social media, actually beneficial to health, scarce to source and commands a premium price. The West is already on to it, surely East would follow the trend.”

I started learning more about about its production and supply chain from books and articles on the web. Eventually, I found that even though, avocados are originally from South America but due to its ever increasing demand in the last decade it is now commercially grown (following the foot steps of Mexico, Chile and Peru) in California, Spain, South Africa, Israel, Kenya, Turkey, Egypt, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Australia and New Zealand. 

If it is possible to grow Avocados commercially in both northern and southern hemispheres across six of the seven continents, then there might be a possibility to grow it in India, ideally in Madhya Pradesh. This rationale was enough for me to consider its production as a viable business option. 

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Harshit Godha 
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