Harshit Godha Bath university

Indo Israel Avocado Vlog #9: Project delayed due to COVID 19


I have a bad news that I wanted to share with you. Due to the corona virus, neither can I visit Israel nor can my colleagues come to India.

Without that happening, I cannot learn how to take care of the small plants. Moreover, the air freight charges have risen significantly because of very low number of flights operating these days.

Under current circumstances, I can’t import plants this season. Therefore, the project is delayed for yet another year.

And to be completely honest, I am a bit dis-appointed and frustrated. I had the permits, I had nursery ready, raised beds built and instalments paid for the plants. I had no idea what fate had in store for me.

However, nobody could have predicted these circumstances and the entire world is facing this crisis. Nobody knows how long it will last. Furthermore, I am not alone in this, and it gives perspective. I will try my best to use this as a learning opportunity by developing patience. I will try again next year in the next season.

On a side note, I am safe and all my friends and family members are safe. I hope the same for you as well.

Harshit Godha
Indo Israel Avocado