Avocado farming in India with Netafim Israel – Summary | Avocado Insider #1

Good evening everyone,
Welcome to Episode no. 1 of Avocado Insider with Netafim series. I recently had a video call discussion with Netafim Israel.

Video call discussion with Netafim Israel

It was a one hour long discussion where we discussed the following points about avocado farming in India –

1. Climatic requirements
2. Importance of raised beds
3. Importance of commercial rootstocks
4. Different types of avocado varieties
5. Flowering and pollination
6. Why you need drip irrigation for avocados?
7. How to fertigate your avocado orchard?
8. How to tackle heat and frost in your avocado orchard?
9. How to prune your avocado orchard?
10. Questions and answers.

The summary of the above mentioned point was discussed in this video. Then we go on and understand my client’s issues and requirements for avocado farming in Arunachal Pradesh. He has ordered 700 avocado plants from me and has also purchased local avocado seedlings. His field was originally a rice paddy field where he did soil and has built raised beds. Raised beds are very important for in such places because rice requires water in the field to grow whereas avocado plants die where there is water stagnation.

This was just the introduction of our meeting. I will release a video every Wednesday where we will dive deep into the abovementioned aspects of avocado farming.

Next week we will look into Climatic requirements for avocado farming in India. I hope you found this video useful.

Thank you for watching.
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Video description –

  • Intro (0:00)
  • Avocado water requirement video call summary (0:37)
  • New video every Wednesday (1:42)
  • Raised beds (2:14)
  • Video Call Discussion (2:40)
  • Conclusion and next week’s update (14:58)