Clonal v/s seedling propagation in Avocado? A research backed essay by Harshit Godha

Over the last few years, avocado farming has gained enough popularity in India to make farmers and researchers dwell more into its propagation practices. I often get asked if my…

Avocado Farming in India – Complete Guide to Profit

So, you watched my video on farming leader. You have looked around and tried to find more information on avocado farming in India. Yet, google brings you here. You want…

Vlog 97: Avocado farming in Pathankot, Punjab

These avocado plants are being delivered in Pathankot Punjab from Indo Israel Avocado Nursery, Bhopal.

Vlog 95: Why I import avocado plants from Israel?

I use 3 rootstocks, Ashdot 17, Degania 117 and Fairchild. These are Israeli rootstocks.

Vlog 93: Indo Israel Avocado – the Journey

This is vlog 93 of the Indo Israel avocado video blog series. I share my journey into the avocado world so far.