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7 Things to Consider Before Cultivating Avocados (download pdf)

Avocado farming would require a careful consideration of a lot of variables, before establishing an avocado orchard in India. These would primarily include, climatic conditions, soil test reports, water availability, average annual rainfall, wind, method of irrigation and upfront investment costs.

Avocado cultivation is not for the average Indian farmer. Rather, it is an investment asset class for established agri businesses, real estate developers and people with ancestral agriculture land.

I don’t intend to discourage anyone from considering avocado cultivation in India. However, instead of being deluded by the idea of quick returns at minimum investment costs, it is better to be realistic about the up-front investment costs and the time it takes for the avocado orchard to get to the fruiting stage (3 years for first commercial yield and 5 years and onwards for maximum output).

The average Indian farmer would prefer cash crops with faster fruiting cycles because his income depends on it. He has an entire family to sustain on that income, therefore NOT generating quick returns through cash crops would not be possible for him.

YOU however, my ideal customer, would have a business or a job that pays for your family, you know what it is like to deal with unskilled labour force, and you are looking for an investment that would generate tax exempted income in the long run.

When you think outside the box 😉

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