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Indo Israel Avocado Vlog #12 : Why you can’t grow Hass avocado trees from Hass seeds?


I have recently uploaded a new video (Vlog 12) on my YouTube channel, Indo Israel Avocado.

In this video, I mainly talk about 3 things, 
1. Why you can’t grow Hass avocado trees from Hass avocado seeds,
2. A video walk through of my nursery, and
3. Updates about my summer 2022 consignment. 

In the last email, I explained why you can’t grow avocados from seeds for commercial orchards and why you need commercial scions grafted on top of industry’s leading rootstocks. So I talked about it in the video. 

Next, in the video walkthrough, you can see how my plants from the first consignment are growing. I am quite satisfied with the growth. I have had very little mortality, and I hope it stays that way.

Finally, you can see in the video that I have started preparing for the upcoming consignments. 

I hope that you find the video useful and interesting. 

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