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How to Accelerate Avocado Farming In India: Indian Avocado Industry White Paper

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Executive Summary

Traditional crops have a saturated market in India with excess production. Government needs to look at new crops like avocado which can help farmers command a premium price.

Avocado is a superfood with immense health benefits. It has a higher demand than supply worldwide because its popularity is increasing exponentially on social media. Currently, India does not have commercial avocado planting material like avocado rootstock seeds.

Price of imported Hass Avocado is 1500 ₹ per kg in the Indian retail market. If we produce avocado plants in India and promote avocado farming through favourable policies, it would drastically bring down the price of the fruit and make it available to the general public and not just the elites. We can also export our produce to the international markets and process it into guacamole and avocado oil.

Indian government should introduce policy changes such as –

  1. Amending the Plant Quarantine Order (2003) through the ‘Pest Risk Analysis’ procedure and allowing the import of avocado rootstock seeds,
  2. Subsidy on saplings to the farmer,
  3. Subsidy on plastic ponds,
  4. Focusing on lagging regions like the North Eastern states,
  5. Initiating talks with Indo Israel Centers of Excellence for Agriculture in India.

These policy changes can transform India into a leading avocado producing country.

In this white paper, I have elaborated the points highlighted above. Please share this with someone who holds an influential position in the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare in India and can execute these policy reforms. It will help our farmers benefit from the worldwide economic boom of the avocado industry.

I can be contacted at +91 9109107400 or indoisraelavocado@gmail.com for further discussion.


Executive Summary

  1. Why a change is needed?
  2. Why Avocados?
    2.1 Health benefits of Avocado fruit
    2.2 More demand than supply worldwide
    2.2.1 Avocado consumption in the world
    2.2.2 Avocado production in the world
    2.3 Current state of avocado farming in India
  3. Industry Scope
    3.1 Domestic market for fresh avocados
    3.2 International market for commercial Indian avocados
    3.3 Avocado processing
    3.3.1 Guacamole (avocado puree)
    3.3.2 Edible Oil
    3.3.3 Baby food
    3.4 Avocado oil-based skin care
    3.5 Avocado Merchandise
    3.6 Agri Tourism
  4. Policy changes needed to support avocado production in India
    4.1 Adding avocado ‘seeds’ to the Plant Quarantine Order (2003)
    4.2 Subsidy on saplings to the farmer
    4.3 Plastic Pond Subsidy
    4.4 North East avocado Cluster development for sustainable avocado farming
    4.4.1 Reforms needed to develop avocado farming clusters in the North East
    4.5 International Bridges – Indo Israel Centers of Excellence
  5. Author – Harshit Godha – Indo Israel Avocado

You can download the full 3000 word white paper in pdf format here.

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