I got featured on freshplaza.com

A couple of minutes ago, I was searching google about “Avocados in India” to find out how my website is performing for those keyword search terms. 

I noticed a previous article about me on israelagri.com. That was expected, but then there was another one, from: 


Type “freshplaza avocados in India” in google and it should come up.

The second one was a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t aware of the fact that they published an article about my story. They didn’t link my website otherwise I would have known. You get notified on wordpress when someone links to your website. I am glad they published it because it helps in getting the word out. 

I am trying to build a network of interested Avocado growers in India. Because when the time is right and if my pilot project is successful, I want others to get into Avocado production as well, precisely because it can lead to production efficiencies.

I would be able to identify which avocado varieties and rootstocks are performing best in different agro climatic zones in India, and would be in a better position to consult and guide. Business school taught me that, tacit knowledge is created within networks, and is passed down as procedural knowledge among peers over time, because network effects are at play. 

That’s enough mind wank for today. I hope you share this article with your friends or colleagues who might be interested in Avocado farming and are willing to try a small pilot in their fields in near future.

You can also download my free ebook, 7 Things to consider before Avocado cultivation in India from the form below:

Thank you for reading. 

Until next time – 

Harshit Godha

P.S – I have received my import permit for the pilot project and would be creating a new video soon. I will keep you posted.