Vlog #14: Avocado fertigation and dragon fruit pole damage

In this vlog I show you the farm office, the polyhouse, the store and my dragon fruit orchard. I also show how I fertigate my avocado plants, some damage inside the dragon fruit orchard and some plant quarantine inspection preparations.

Video summary –

  • The office is not very well developed yet. As the project size increases I will begin working on making my office more presentable.
  • The store has all the equipment we need right now like the Netafim’s lateral drip lines, fertilizers and other micro nutrients.
  • I show you how we mix the fertilizers individually first, then pour them all together into a bucket for applying it to the plants.
  • Applying NPK and micro nutrients through the dosage pump into the irrigation system and fertigating the plants.
  • My polyhouse caretaker, Ram Ji Lal, has planted some Brinjals, Tomatoes and Coriander.
  • Here I apply the fertilizer through the irrigation system.
  • Due to the regulations of plant quarantine department of India, I have to get my nursery inspected from time to time. On Tuesday, the day after this video was shot, I had my inspection, so I was preparing for it. Everything was ready for the inspection apart from placing some posters. So I place the posters where needed.
  • I haven’t previously showed you my dragon fruit orchard. So here it is. Some of my dragon fruit poles were not installed properly, so one of em fell to the ground. I need to find a way to fix it before the problem gets worse.
  • I show how I irrigate my avocado plants through Netafim’s drip irrigation technology.
  • I show you all in this video how my typical day at farm goes.

Thanks for watching.

– Harshit Godha
+91 9109107400