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Hello Friendly Friends, 

After my recent recognition on websites like Israelagri and Fresh Plaza, another publication, Fresh Fruit Portal got a wind of my project. 

Freshfruitportal.com : Project underway to pioneer commercial avocado production in India

Fresh Fruit Portal is based in Santiago, Chile. As the name suggests, they aggregate global fresh produce news on their website.

Their office got in touch after they read about my project on web and decided to cover the story. It was published on 16th August, 2019 on their website.

In this article we discussed how I got the idea for getting into the Avocado cultivation industry.

I mentioned that growing Hass doesn’t seem probable. Bhopal’s climate is very similar to Jordan valley in Israel. So, together with my colleagues, we have decided to take Jordan Valley’s Avocado cultivation practices as our model for growing avocado in Bhopal. 

Our primary preference are green skin varieties like Pinkerton, Ettinger and Reed.

I then briefly suggest why my consignment got cancelled.

We go on to discuss plant  phenology. My colleagues think, that because Bhopal is in the same hemisphere as Jordan valley in Israel, therefore fruit set and harvest times would be similar as well.

Lastly, the article ends on a note, that if successful,

1. My product can be very competitive for imported Avocados as I have favourable supply chain logistics, and

2. My project can serve as an example project for other interested Avocado farmers in India (if the circumstances allow me to sell plants). 

Give the article on Fresh Fruit Portal a read. I hope you find it interesting. If you have any questions, that I haven’t yet answered in my free Ebook, 7 Big Things to Consider Before Cultivating Avocados, feel free to email me. I always reply to my emails. 

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