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Indo Israel Avocado Vlog #10: Cleaning weeds from the orchard

Hello folks,

I know I haven’t uploaded a video or published a blog post in a while. This is because there wasn’t a lot to talk about since my last post where I discuss why my Avocado consignment from Israel got delayed for yet another year.

I have just uploaded episode 10 of my video blog,

In this episode I discuss that I have placed the order for my avocado plants in Israel and am hoping to receive my consignment from Israel in June 2021, if everything goes according to the plan.

Meanwhile, at the field where am planning my avocado orchard in Bhopal, has over grown weeds due to the monsoon. In this video I show, how in 5 days I got the weeds from my orchard removed using manual labour and tractors as well.

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Harshit Godha
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