First Vlog is up on youtube (watch video here)

Indo Israel Avocado Vlog #1


In this video I give a brief update of my avocado project and discuss about the various avocado varieties I intend to try in my nursery in Bhopal.

Project update

I have Israeli experts guiding me on how to grow Avocados for profit. I am in process of importing plants from Israel. However, the import permits are taking longer than I previously thought. This could lead to a delay of one year in my Avocado project.

Plan B

That’s why I am considering a plan B. The second option includes trying South African varieties, namely Gem (protected variety by Westfalia Fruit) and Maluma (protected variety by Allesbeste Nursery). 

Which avocado rootstocks would be suitable for Bhopal, India?

I briefly discuss about Avocado rootstocks, and why I am inclined to think that for Bhopal, Israeli rootstocks might be better suited. However, that’s just my speculation, as only time can tell which rootstocks have superior disease resistance, higher fertility and yield. 

Green/Poly house walking tour

I also do a walking tour of my nursery in the video, and show you around the green house from the inside. 

Order your plants

I hope you find the video interesting. Thank you for reading. If you would like to order plants, please do so before August as I have to place an order for the rootstocks and budwood. 

Harshit Godha

email: and instagram @indoisraelavocado