Climatic requirements for Avocado farming with Netafim Israel

In this interview I discuss the climatic requirements for avocado farming with Netafim, Israel.

Most of the irrigation in avocado orchards in the world is being done by Netafim. They have their head quarters in Israel. I first met Ziv Charitt in 2017 in Israel when I was learning about avocado farming there.

In this video Ziv and his team of experts from Israel suggest the following things to be considered before cultivating avocados

  • Well drained soil
    Avocado plants struggle where you have conditions of water stagnation. Ideally avocados should be planted in well drained soil or one should make ridges (raised beds) and then plant avocados on top of the raised beds.
  • Temperature considerations
    Temperature shouldn’t go down below 0 degrees. It is also important to note that induction of flowering happens below 15-20 degrees which is generally found in sub tropical regions. Extreme temperature during flowering and fruit set can cause fruit drop.
  • Salinity considerations
    Avocado is very sensitive to salinity. In such conditions only Israel rootstocks of the West Indian race are suitable. These are higher yielding rootstocks which can withstand higher soil salinity. If you would like to purchase imported avocado plants grafted on Israeli rootstocks like Degania, Ashdot or Fairchild, get in touch with my team, we can be contacted at +91 6268643227.

You can watch the video here –

Climatic requirements for avocado farming