Why do you need raised beds for avocado farming in India? with Netafim Israel

Netafim Israel’s team explains why you need raised beds for avocado farming (video is at the end of the article). To get a pdf of a diagram of raised beds with exact dimensions click here Enter your email and the free raised bed for Avocado farming PDF.  Email Address * Thank You! Please check your […]

Climatic requirements for Avocado farming with Netafim Israel

In this interview I discuss the climatic requirements for avocado farming with Netafim, Israel. Most of the irrigation in avocado orchards in the world is being done by Netafim. They have their head quarters in Israel. I first met Ziv Charitt in 2017 in Israel when I was learning about avocado farming there. In this […]

Avocado farming in India with Netafim Israel – Summary | Avocado Insider #1

Good evening everyone, Welcome to Episode no. 1 of Avocado Insider with Netafim series. I recently had a video call discussion with Netafim Israel. It was a one hour long discussion where we discussed the following points about avocado farming in India – 1. Climatic requirements 2. Importance of raised beds 3. Importance of commercial […]