Why you can’t grow Hass avocado trees from Hass avocado seeds?

Hi, Since I started taking orders for my second and third consignment, I often get asked why people can’t simply plant a Hass avocado seed to get a Hass avocado tree. Let’s say, you buy a Hass avocado from the market. Chances are, it was imported from Chile or Mexico. You try the fruit, find […]

My story: 30 days at an Israeli Avocado orchard

Once I had made up my mind to give Avocado production in India a shot, I started contacting industry experts across the world to guide me on how to go about it. One person from Westfalia Fruit was kind enough to provide me contact details of a grower in Israel, who was cultivating avocados in […]

Why Avocados?

harshit godha avocado

In this post, I discuss what prompted me to get into avocado cultivation.