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I have been in touch with Nick from regarding my project. He covered my plans so far in their headline article today, which you can access from the link below –

India can have its place in the Avocado growing industry

As per our discussion, he mentioned that we cannot grow hass avocado in Bhopal’s extreme climatic conditions.

There is hope for green skin varieties though. Moreover, if my talks with patent holders of hass-like varieties come through, then there is that possibility. 

Lastly, article mentions about the global avocado market.

I think the Indian Avocado industry is too late on the avocado bandwagon to compete with regions like South Africa and South America.

Corporations from those regions have already established a presence in the global avocado market.

Not only the established players have,

1. long standing brand reputation and the trust that comes with it, but

2. they have developed capabilities and competencies,

3. relationships with buyers and suppliers and

4. economies of scale advantages. 

It would be a rookie mistake to try to compete with them head on. 

Another way to participate in the market, I think, is to either supply when they are having an off season. Or, my personal choice, supply to a different niche. 

India itself is a huge untapped market. And if you are feeling a bit bold, South East Asia and Former Soviet Union offer some interesting opportunities. 

I will leave it at that today. And, no, I am not taking orders for plants right now, not until I gain experience on the pilot first. 

Thanks for reading. 

Harshit Godha