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Few years ago, when I was first researching about Avocado cultivation, I had no idea that it was being cultivated in Israel commercially. 

I read an article on Israel21c.org, the title was, “Europe to Israel, more Avocados Please!”. That article triggered a thought, if they are growing Avocados in Israel, certainly, there is a possibility it can be grown in India. 

I contacted the writer of the article, to ask if she knows people from the Israeli avocado industry and would it be possible for her to point me in the right direction, where I can learn Avocado cultivation methods and techniques. 

While, I eventually found my contact (and now a good friend) Benny Wisse, through Westfalia fruit, I emailed Abi from Israel21c again recently, to thank her for her help back then.

I informed her about the status of my pilot project and my progress on cultivating avocados in India. One thing led to another and she was inspired to write an article about my collaboration with the Israeli avocado industry on her website. 

The article was published earlier this month, 


Give it a read. 

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