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Ex – Lok Sabha Member Sandeep Dixit Ji shows his farm (Vlog 18)

Hi everyone,

In this episode, I have a special guest. I was invited by an ex-Lok Sabha member, Mr Sandeep Dixit ji to visit his farm in Bhopal. While we discussed about avocado farming in bhopal, in this video I most showed his farm and what he is doing.

Sandeep Dixit ji was the member of Lok Sabha from 2004-2014. He is pursuing agriculture both as a hobby and as a business. He is growing, Mango, Guava, Pomegranate and some fish farming. A few things that he is doing a bit differently at the farm are –

  1. Planting lemon grass in between the fruit orchard to get some income out of it,
  2. Practicing perma-culture in the fruit orchards,
  3. He is doing a mix of both organic and in organic farming,
  4. He is growing 4 varieties of guava, Lalit, L-49 and Illahbadi Safeda and Taiwan Pink
  5. Fish farming through bio flock

You can watch this entire video here –

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