Clonal v/s seedling propagation in Avocado? A research backed essay by Harshit Godha

Over the last few years, avocado farming has gained enough popularity in India to make farmers and researchers dwell more into its propagation practices. I often get asked if my plants are clonally propagated or through F1 seeds. But in reality, the question they are really asking is which is better, clonal avocado rootstocks or […]

How to Accelerate Avocado Farming In India: Indian Avocado Industry White Paper

avocado industry white paper harshit godha

Download the full 3000 word pdf here for free. Executive Summary Traditional crops have a saturated market in India with excess production. Government needs to look at new crops like avocado which can help farmers command a premium price. Avocado is a superfood with immense health benefits. It has a higher demand than supply worldwide […]

Why you can’t grow Hass avocado trees from Hass avocado seeds?

Hi, Since I started taking orders for my second and third consignment, I often get asked why people can’t simply plant a Hass avocado seed to get a Hass avocado tree. Let’s say, you buy a Hass avocado from the market. Chances are, it was imported from Chile or Mexico. You try the fruit, find […]